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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pablo Beltran Ruiz


In 1956 Pablo Beltran and His Orchestra recorded the song "Mexican Rock & Roll", Mexico's first rock song, causing a big sensation among radio listeners and opening the way for future mexican rock bands. Beltran also wrote "Quien Sera", later known in english as "Sway".

Here's a great Lp from 1971 (I'm not sure) called "A Bailar Con Pablo Y Su Orquesta" (Let's Dance With Pablo & His Orchestra).

And Here's The Track List:

Side A:
01- Historia De Amor (Theme From Love Story)
02- La Despedida (The Goodbye)
03- Domino
04- No Vales Nada (You're Not Worthy)
05- Felicidad Y Amor (Love & Happiness)
06- El Traca-Traca
Side B:
07- Cerca De Ti (They Long To Be "Close To You")
08- Manos Cruzadas (Put Your Hand In The Hand)
09- Toca Tres Veces (Knock Three Times)
10- Pobrecito Salomon (Poor Solomon)
11- Que Paso Con Pablo? (What Happened With Pablo?)

Please Enjoy!! and remember to play this record only on Stereophonic Equipment!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Johnny Puleo And His Harmonica Gang


Liner Notes (excerpt):

"Johnny Puleo is a "graduate cum laude" of Borrah Minevitch's famous Harmonica Rascals. His four feet, six-inches scarcely bespeak the marvelous sounds that he is capable of producing on his instrument.

A native of Washington, D. C., Puleo began his stage career when he won an harmonica contest in Boston. He then joined a comedy variety act, and after several years spent with the act became a member of (Borrah) Minevitch's Harmonica Rascals, with whom he toured all over the world. Puleo has appeared in two royal command performances in England and before the Presidents of France and the United States. In addition to his consummate mastery of the harmonica, he has an amazing knowledge of pantomime. His face and actions are controlled by a sixth sense of basic comedy, and his antics-when appropriate-draw laughter from even the most hardened of night club audiences. Johnny is also a dramatic actor of note, having starred with Burt Lancaster and Gina Lollobrigida in "Trapeze." All of this contributes to his presence on the stage, and it can be detected even in humorous moments of his playing sight unseen.

The Harmonica Gang has appeared at leading supper clubs throughout the United States, including the Latin Quarter, in New York and Miami Beach; The Riviera in Las Vegas; Palmer House, in Chicago; the Roosevelt, in New Orleans; and Twin Coaches in Pittsburgh. The ensemble's motion picture credits include “Trapeze”, “One in a Million”, "Always in My Heart," "Rascals" and "Love Under Fire." The group has earned kudos in numerous radio and television performances."
--This was THE second LP recorded in STEREO (in the whole world-- I'm not an expert though, so don't believe me--), it came after The Dukes Of Dixieland recorded the first stereo LP for the Audio Fidelity label, and yes, the music sounds unbelievably awesome--.

Here's a great bio in PDF (you'll need acrobat reader)

And Here's The Track List:

Side A:
01- Peg O' My Heart
02- Twelfth Street Rag
03- Sheik Of Araby-It Had To Be You (Medley)
04- Cuddle Up A Little Closer
05- St. Louis Blues Boogie
06- Italian Medley
Side B:
07- Mienteme
08- You Are Always In My Heart
09- Peanut Vendor
10- Southland Tribute
11- Roses Of Picardy
12- Orpheus

Please Enjoy!! and remember to play this record only on Stereophonic Equipment!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Les Brown

For your dancing pleasure here's Les Brown's In Town from 1956.

Here's the liner notes:

Great selections that draw requests and applause wherever the Band of Renown performs... now gathered here for dancers everywhere!

"Les Brown's in Town!" is the happy cry that goes up as soon as the band reaches its destination in a chartered plane or the orchestra's familiar bus. And soon after Les Brown arrives, he's delighting a huge crowd of local dancers with the wonderful sort of music that is in this album, ranging from smoothly styled ballads like Moonlight In Vermont to exciting originals like Checkin' In.

Dancers all across the nation gather to hear Les, for his band tours far and wide. The group has appeared in Hollywood at the Palladium more times than any other band, and he and his men often set up their stands in the top spots of New York City. As part of the Bob Hope Show, the band has also done a lot of traveling overseas. In its annual tours, though, Brown's group aims first of all at the crossroads, the small towns, army camps, and campuses of America.

One of the greatest kicks for the band is playing in some of these smaller places year after year. For example, there’s a town in the center of Kansas where the band has played a one-night stand for over eight summers. It's one of the big nights of the year, practically a town holiday, with people from miles around jamming the local veterans' hall where the dance is held.

Then there's a large pavilion in Indiana where, summer after summer, hundreds of couples dance under the stars to Les Brown's music. The places in which the band appears are many, and they are all different. But whether it’s a lakeside resort in Wisconsin, a ballroom in Oregon, or a college auditorium in Arizona, the result is the same: more renown for the band, more poll-winning popularity.

The group's busy schedule means, of course, that Les can't stay in town for as long as his fans would like. The answer to that, though, is right here. For with albums such as this, the music of Les Brown can always be heard in any town at all.

And Here's The Track List:

Side A:
01- Just You, Just Me
02- Harlem Nocturne
03- Checkin' In
04- Moonlight In Vermont
05- The Continental
06- Spanish Monster
Side B:
07- Meanwhile Back On The Bus
08- Ridin' High
09- Nina Never Knew
10- On A Little Street In Singapore
11- The Piccolino

Please Enjoy!! and remember to play this record only on Stereophonic Equipment!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Arthur Lyman - Bahia

Here's Arthur Lyman's Bahia LP from 1959, you can find some info here, and here.

And Here's the liner notes:

"Bahia is more Arthur Lyman magic from the fabulous Hawaiian Islands, the fiftieth state of the U.S.A. Far out in the mid-Pacific, these lush tropical Islands breed the unusual in all things, including pop music. You will hear in this album familiar tunes with exotic arrangements as well as new, intriguing melodies that are as different as the Islands themselves.

The Arthur Lyman group includes four very specially talented guys. Arthur Lyman plays vibes, marimba, guitar, ukelele, bongos and congas; Harold Chang is a percussionist without peer; John Kramer keeps the string bass rhythm, doubling on flute, and Allen Soares makes those gorgeous piano and glockenspiel sounds you will hear. All together they sound like a group of at least eight instead of four.

The group plays nightly in the Shell Bar on the grounds of Henry J. Kaiser's famous Hawaiian Village Hotel in Honolulu which has been enlarged twice to accommodate the many people who want to hear the Arthur Lyman group, still being inadequate to take care of the increasing crowds.

Shortly, Arthur and his group will be starting a personal tour of principal cities, including TV appearances, which will answer his many fans' biggest question, "Just how are all those sounds made?" The group will show you, and quite a sight it is! The recording itself was done in the acoustically perfect Kaiser Aluminum Dome, also on the grounds of the Hawaiian Village Hotel, allowing a beautifully translucent sound to enhance the voices of the instruments themselves.

To capture the full frequency and dynamic range heard in this album, AKG mikes and an especialIy built Ampex three track stereo magnetic 1/2" tape recorder were used. Later tape to disc transfer was done on a fully automatic Neumann (German) cutting lathe, using an advance design Teldec stereophonic cutting head capable of cutting on disc the truest stereo sound with maximum level. Your ears will quickly pick up on the difference. Pressings are pure virgin vinyl, painstakingly processed and quality controlled.


And Here's The Track List:

Side A:
01- Bahia
02- Jungle Jalopy
03- Legend Of The Rain
04- Bamboo
05- Return To Me
06- Caribbean Nights
Side B:
07- Quiet Village
08- Tropical
09- Happy Voodoo
10- Busy Port
11- Beyond The Reef
12- Maui Chimes

Please Enjoy!! and remember to play this record only on Stereophonic Equipment!

Friday, March 03, 2006

More Carlos Campos

Here's another excellent LP form Carlos Campos Y Su Orquesta from 1970, for your dancing and listening pleasure.

If you downloaded the other Carlos Campos album, don't unzip the file on the same folder as the other one, as they have the same name (my fault, sorry).

And Here's The Track List:

Side A:
01- Torero
02- Regalame Esta Noche
03- Quiero Ser Feliz
04- La Ultima Noche
05- Piccolissima Serenata
06- Besame En La Boca
Side B:
07- Volare
08- Oyelo Bien
09- Canto De Las Trompetas
10- Que Te Vaya Bien
11- Repicando La Bundumbia
12- Recuerdos De Veracruz

Please Enjoy!! and remember to play this record only on Stereophonic Equipment!


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