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Monday, October 09, 2006

Luz Y Fuerza - We Can Fly - 1971

We Can Fly


By the end of the 60's, everybody was growing tired of bands singing just covers, musicians wanted to play original music but still written and sung in english, so a new movement was born: La Onda Chicana (The Chicano Movement). The bands wrote and sung in english but merging elements from mexican and latin american cultures.

By that time bands like Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Chicago were very popular, so they had a strong influence here, as some bands had a very rhythmic brass section and some heavy guitars.

Here's Luz y Fuerza with the LP called We Can Fly from 1971, I can't find any info on the net and it doesn't have any liner notes...but the music is just great!!!

And Here's The Track List:

Side A:
01- We Can Fly
02- Someday
03- Everybody Needs A Brother
04- You
05- When I Ever Get Home
Side B:
06- Let Me Tell You
07- Kiss Me Once (Like You Did Before)
08- Rainbows And Apple Trees
09- Just How I Feel
10- Midnight

Please Enjoy!! and remember to play this record only on Stereophonic Equipment!


Anonymous d said...

Me intriga este grupo. Sé que tocaron en Avándaro y me pregunto si quizás algo tenga que ver (ya sea como mockery o como ¿!¿patrocino?!?) con la paraestatal* del mismo nombre.

En mi casa también había un 45 de Luz y Fuerza y en ése el enorme transformador eléctrico era aún más aparente.

* que abastece de electricidad a una buena parte del centro de México (del resto se encarga la Comisión Federal de Electricidad)

3:35 AM  
Anonymous Supersentido said...

Por favor, suban otra vez el disco. Para Chile!

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I really enjoy your collection, but the d/loading links for LUZ Y FUERZA We Can Fly do not work. Could you repost, please?

Dmitry from Moscow, Russia.

5:56 AM  

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