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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ray Anthony - Golden Horn- 1955

Golden Horn


I got this record as a gift long time ago, and the album cover is one of my favorites, maybe it's because the glare the trumpet has, or maybe just because it looks elegant and classy.

Here's The Liner Notes:

When a young man plays as fine a trumpet and leads as fine a band as Ray Anthony, he becomes almost a national hero. The undisputed popularity of Ray, today's Mr. Music, proves this fact, for his success has been skyrocket-like -- non-stop skyrocket -- and his nationwide fame is constantly rising. Wherever there's room for a turntable and listeners, or a bandstand and an audience, Mr. Music has appeared and is appearing, making even more enthusiastic fans of the listeners who love to dance, and the listeners who simply listen.

Anthony's fans applaud him with good reason, because he plays his golden horn with real skill and a rare talent for coaxing from it a wonderful diversity of sounds. In this album's varied moods and wide-ranging rhythms, he displays all this enviable prowess. Whether he's swinging (and he really swings!), brooding in deep blue, or frolicking on a sentimental gambol, Mr. Anthony is playing fine trumpet indeed.

Ray has been traveling with dizzying musical speed ever since he began performing professionally. As a youngster with the bands of Al Donahue, Jimmy Dorsey, and Glenn Miller, he stacked up enough experience and proficiency to form his own band in the navy. His group toured the wartime Pacific and audiences liked it so well that he decided to form its civilian equivalent --and in 1946 he organized the big bright band he leads today.

It's a constantly youthful, spirited band, and this album of its performances, with Ray Anthony's golden horn playing the title role, is an exuberant expression of the nation's favorite musical style.

And Here's The Track List:

Side A:
01 - Golden Horn
02 - Amor
03 - It Ain't Necessarily So
04 - A Trumpeter's Lullaby
05 - Trumpet Sorrento
06 - Taking A Chance On Love
Side B:
07 - Skylark
08 - Holiday For Strings
09 - Tango La Paloma
10 - Jeepers Creepers
11 - The Birth Of The Blues
12 - The Brave Bulls

Please Enjoy!! and remember to play this record only on Stereophonic Equipment!


Blogger julioxo said...

Sr. Mexicano este disco es un fabuloso regalo que le agradezco

2:59 PM  
Blogger mel said...

Wow!!! What a trumpter! What a band!

I've heard lots of Ray Anthony stuff in the past but never before had I heard what a fantastic trumpeter he is (or was?)so I presume that he didn't feature his trumpet so much on the later LPs. A great pity in my opinion.

This is top drawer playing.

Thank you very much for this share.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Licorice Pizza said...

Do not understand how such a great site could be overlooked by me for so long! Great music here! I am only too sad that some of them are now forbidden. Thanks for the great musica! Timbo

1:14 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

Any chance we can get a re-post-ski, please?

Great site!

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Miguel Guerrero said...

Sabe usted si existe un LP de Ray Anthony interpretando canciones de Armando Manzanero? Mi padre jura haberlo oído, pero no logro dar con él por ningún lado. Saludos, gran blog.

4:16 PM  
Blogger jgmondragon said...

Miguel Guerrero;
Si existe ese disco yo lo tengo.
Como hacemos para comunicarnos.
Mi correo:
Son fabulosos los discos de Ray Anthony.

9:46 PM  
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