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Friday, February 09, 2007

Carlos Campos (new post)- Marcando El Compas @320- 1970

Marcando El Compas


Well my friends, this is the 5th Carlos Campos' album posted here, I really don't know if you like his music or not, but I do think it's great, so if you've been enjoying his music, here's one that'll make you move your feet...

And Here's The Track List:

Side A:
01 - Florecita
02 - Distancia
03 - La Sitiera
04 - El Barbero De Sevilla
05 - Chattanooga Choo Choo
06 - Confusion
Side B:
07 - A Traves De Los Anos
08 - No Te Enganes Corazon
09 - Danubio Azul
10 - Telefono A Larga Distancia
11 - Confidencias De Un Arbol
12 - Que Es Lo Que Pasa

Please Enjoy!! and remember to play this record only on Stereophonic Equipment!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the vintage stuff...

and thanks for using a fairly good host too ;-)

the shaggy man

1:33 AM  
Anonymous DJ Steve Spain said...

Yes, keep posting Carlos Campos! I had not heard of him before I found your blog.

9:51 AM  
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